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Events we will be attending:
The club will be attending various events throughout the year. Futher information can be found on our Events page.
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If you would like to know more about the British Suiseki Club contact a committee member with your questions.

The British Suiseki Club
The Club is an organisation devoted to the enjoyment, appreciation and participation in the subject of Suiseki and Viewing Stones.

Although the name of the Club is British Suiseki the Club embraces all aspects relating to stones, including Suiseki, Viewing Stones and Chinese style 'Spirit Stones', no matter the country of origin.

The British in the Club relates to our geographical location, our Western biased view of stones and the addition of British stones that are being discovered.
The British Suiseki Club aims:
  • Growing the awareness and interest in suiseki.
  • Increasing the knowledge of suiseki, its elements and history.
  • Sharing practical information on cleaning stones, preparing a daiza and displaying suiseki.
  • Expanding the active participation in suiseki within the UK.
  • Sharing our passion for suiseki through shows.
  • Developing links with other clubs around the world.
The Club will have two types of meeting:
  • At bonsai shows where the Club will exhibit meetings will take place in the afternoon on topics announced in advance.
  • A day devoted to suiseki will will take place once or twice a year in locations relevant to suiseki or to our members. Topics to be announced in advance.
Membership £10 per annum.
Members are offered a discount from designated traders – list to be published.